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May 11, 2017Print(PDF/122KB)Corporate

Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Announces Dividends (Including Special Dividends) of Surplus

Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Co., Ltd. announced today that, in its meeting held on May 11, 2017, the Board of Directors decided to propose distribution of dividends of surplus, including special dividends, with the record date of March 31, 2017, to the 197th general shareholders' meeting scheduled for June 22, 2017, as indicated below.

1. Details of Dividends of Surplus

Latest dividend
(announced on May 11, 2016)
Previous year results (year ended March, 2016)
Record dateMarch 31, 2017March 31, 2017March 31, 2016
Dividend per share¥11.00
(ordinary dividend of
¥ 9.00)
(special dividend of
¥ 2.00)
Total dividend
4,370 million yen3,575 million yen
Effective dateJune 23, 2017June 24, 2016
Dividend resourceRetained earningsRetained earnings

2. Reasons
The customary allocation of a portion of the Company's profits to its shareholders in an appropriate manner is one of the Company's most important management policies. In addition to placing high importance on distribution of surplus in a manner that reflects the Company's performance, the Company seeks to make decisions on dividends from a comprehensive perspective, while actively investing in its future growth, ensuring a solid management base, and enhancing its financial status in order to further increase its corporate value. The Company believes that it is important to allocate profits to its shareholders consistently. In FY2016 (year ended March 31, 2017), the Company achieved a record-high operating income of 50.0 billion yen, owing primarily to expanded sales of LATUDA®, thereby meeting the target for the FY2017 (year ending March, 2018), which was laid out in the 3rd Mid-Term Business Plan, one year ahead of schedule. Given the abovementioned basic policy on profit distribution to shareholders and earnings results of the FY2016, the Company decided to propose to the 197th general shareholders' meeting payment of 11 yen per share as the year-end dividend, which comprises an ordinary dividend of 9 yen and a special dividend of 2 yen, thus making the annual dividend of 20 yen per share.

(Reference) Description of Dividends for the Year

Dividend per share
Record dateEnd of 2nd quarterYear-endFull Year
Results FY 2016 (year
ended March 31, 2017)
Reference: Results
FY 2015 (year ended
March 31, 2016)