Risk Management and Compliance

We state in our publicly announced Declaration of Conduct our commitment to "comply with laws and regulations, and conduct transparent and fair corporate activities with a good sense of ethics." To put this declaration into practice and ensure full compliance, we have established Compliance Standard and use it as concrete guidelines for business activities. Moreover, we have enacted "SMP Group Risk Management policy" stipulating the Company's fundamental approach to risk management and have developed a system to appropriately promote risk management for the Group.

Basic Concept of "Compliance Standard"

  • As a company engaged in the life science industry that requires high ethical standards, we shall comply with laws and regulations, and conduct transparent and fair corporate activities with a strong commitment to ethical behavior.
  • We shall act with the acknowledgement that the implementation of compliance is a major prerequisite for the continued existence of companies. Should any event occur that is against the spirit of compliance, we shall endeavor to identify the root cause and prevent the recurrence thereof, and also take strict and fair measures.
  • We shall endeavor to handle transactions based on healthy, fair and equal partnerships with business partners, acknowledging that, even if we outsource business to them, we will be ultimately held accountable for the relevant products and services.
  • We shall observe international rules and local laws and regulations in our cross-border business activities, and shall respect local culture and customs.
  • We shall require and request our subsidiaries and affiliates or the like in and outside Japan to comply with applicable laws and regulations and corporate ethics.

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