Fair and Transparent Corporate Activities

In the Declaration of Conduct, Sumitomo Pharma has stated its commitment to "7. Build harmonious relationships with society," and is working to foster a high level of awareness as a corporate citizen. We place importance on stakeholder engagement based on dialogue (stakeholder dialogue) with all of the stakeholders involved in the Company, including patients and their families, healthcare professionals, local communities, collaboration partners, employees, shareholders and investors, and business partners. We have also committed ourselves to "2. Pursue trustworthy corporate activities," thus declaring in our publicly announced Declaration of Conduct our commitment to "comply with laws and regulations, and conduct transparent and fair corporate activities with a good sense of ethics."

We seek to gain greater public credibility as we enhance our fairness and transparency by utilizing the feedback from stakeholder dialogue in our corporate activities, complying with laws/regulations and guidelines, and proactively disclosing corporate information.