Development of the Next Generation

Providing Learning Opportunities Leveraging Our Strengths as a Pharmaceutical Company


As part of our social contribution activities, Sumitomo Pharma supports the development of the next generation in unique ways that utilize our experience in creating pharmaceuticals. Since fiscal 2012, we have been sending employees to junior high and high schools to conduct lessons taught alongside teachers. Since the program's inception in 2012, lessons have been conducted at more than 130 junior high and high schools, and we have taught more than 12,000 students. In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have conducted online classes in addition to visiting classrooms.

These lessons are conducted according to our original program based on ethics, integrated study, and subject areas such as science, social studies, and home economics. Since October 2020, we have conducted a new program for high school students around the theme of genome analysis and heredity. The program aims to foster students' ability to address difficult questions about life and ethics (for which there are no "correct" answers), by encouraging them to develop their own views and reach their own conclusions while understanding the different views of others (diversity). The program has been highly commended by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and teachers at participating schools.

We believe that these kinds of initiatives will not only stimulate children's interest in science and improve the quality of education in local communities, but also increase trust in Sumitomo Pharma.

Supporting High School Students via "SDGs Quest Mirai Koshien Tournament"

Based on the concept of supporting high school students to come up with new ideas for solving social issues, since fiscal 2019 we have participated as a special sponsor in the "SDGs Quest Mirai Koshien"1 Kansai Area Tournament.

In fiscal 2021, the project we selected for the Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma2 Award was titled "Let's eliminate prejudice against mental health and consultation seek help" and was devised by global research team 2 from Hyogo Prefectural Hyogo Senior High School. The team is trying to eliminate prejudice against mental health by using check sheets and Instagram to promote measures people can take. We rated the team highly for its thoughtfulness in wanting to solve the topical problem of an increasing number of students suffering from mental health problems due to the spread of COVID-19, its ability to take action and involve others, and the effectiveness of its scheme.

We will continue to work on developing the next generation and addressing the challenge of contributing to achievement of the SDGs in collaboration with various stakeholders.

1. "SDGs Quest Mirai Koshien" is A tournament where high school students explore SDGs in order to consider, and act to achieve, a sustainable future for earth. It creates opportunities to devise ideas for solving social issues and explain them in presentations. Outstanding action ideas are commended.

The project "Let's eliminate prejudice against mental health and seek help," devised by Hyogo Prefectural Hyogo Senior High School, was selected for the Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma2 Award.

2. The company name as of March 2022.

Informing through the SUKOYAKA Compass Website

Since fiscal 2012, Sumitomo Pharma has published SUKOYAKA Compass as a part of its website aimed at children who will be forging the future and their families.

Through SUKOYAKA Compass, there is substantial content concerning medicine, from a description of research and development of the cutting-edge medicines using iPS cells to the specific work of pharmaceutical companies, how to use medicines, how to independent research on medicines, and, as the latest topic, an explanation of vaccines for the COVID-19 virus.

To make it more approachable for children, a navigator, "Scoppi," who explains things and answers questions about medicines. In January 2020, we added the monthly Karada ("body") Column to help maintain and improve the health of junior high and high school students and counter poor physical health. In October 2020, we also added a new series called the Mirai Tsukuro! ("Let's shape the future!") SDGs Club, which shows the relationships between health and the SDGs and introduces actions related to each of the SDG targets by young people of the readers' age, as well as our own initiatives.

In July 2021, we updated SUKOYAKA Compass with new illustrations for the key visuals created by a popular illustrator among teenagers. We have also posted an introductory video for SUKOYAKA Compass on YouTube.
We hope that SUKOYAKA Compass will help children develop an interest in medicines and learn the importance of understanding and using medicines correctly.

すこやかコンパス Scoppi, the SUKOYAKA Compass navigator

Scoppi, the SUKOYAKA Compass navigator

Main content of SUKOYAKA Compass (in Japanese only)
Title Content
Monthly Karada Column Topics related to the body and health that are relevant to the daily lives of junior high and high school students
Mirai Tsukuro! SDGs Club Outline of relationships between health and the SDGs and SDG-related initiatives by junior high and high school students as well as our company
Kusuri no Komatta Kaiketsucho Useful tips for choosing over-the-counter medicines at pharmacies and drugstores and for taking medicine
Kusuri no Shigoto Zukan Overview of work at a pharmaceutical company, the work of a pharmacist, and other work related to medicine
Kusuri no Jiyu Kenkyu Guide A guide to methods of independent research on medicines and ways of organizing research
Kusuri no Chosen Introduction to cutting-edge research at Sumitomo Pharma
Kusuri no Iroha Information about medicine-related topics that are familiar yet surprisingly unknown, such as the role of medicine, its mechanisms of action, processes for producing medicines, and explanations of vaccines
Okusuri Q&A Explanation of topics like how to use medicines in a Q&A format
SUKOYAKA Activity Report Outline of our social contribution activities

Co-sponsoring Asahi Shimbun's Oshigoto Nenkan

As part of our activities to support the development of the next generation from fiscal 2021, we have co-sponsored Oshigoto Nenkan" published by Asahi Shimbun. Oshigoto Nenkan is a career education supplement for elementary and junior high school students, and is provided free of charge to about 30,000 national, public, and private elementary schools, junior high schools, and boards of education nationwide.

We provide clear explanations of iPS cells and their utilization in medicine for a section titled "science and technology work to create the future."
The Oshigoto Nenkan is available online (in Japanese only). at:

ojigoto_hyoushi_2022 ojigoto_naiyou_2022

Oshigoto Nenkan 2022

Supporting Neuroscience Lessons in a Joint Program with Sunovion and a Local Public School

Since 2019, Sunovion, our US subsidiary, has conducted a peer Teaching3 Program in collaboration with the Advanced Math and Science Academy Charter School (AMSA), a charter school in Massachusetts. This program supports Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education and enables students to learn about life science career paths within a pharmaceutical company, gain professional skillsets, and foster a deeper knowledge of neuroscience.
The AMSA peer teachers (11th and 12th graders) create lesson plans and presentations on the central and peripheral nervous system to enhance and complement the existing biology curriculum for 7th graders. Peer teaching is carried out via video or in-person in a classroom setting.
In May 2022, Sunovion held a virtual reception with AMSA faculty to honor the five AMSA students and celebrate the completion of the 4th year of the program. As in other years, scholarships were awarded to 12th graders to help support further learning in healthcare, life sciences, or neurobiology.

A virtual ceremony Sunovion hosted with faculty and students from the Advanced Math & Science Academy Charter School (AMSA) to celebrate the successful completion of this year's Neuroscience Peer Teaching Program.

3. Peer Teaching: programs whereby learners teach each other

Sumitomo Pharma (Suzhou) Holds Scientific Lecture on Physical and Mental Health for University Students

In recent years, increasing attention has been paid to mental health education issues in China, especially the mental health problems of university students. In 2021, our Chinese subsidiary Sumitomo Pharma (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. cooperated with Shanghai Huilan Psychological Consulting to Studio to hold one-off mental health lectures in 11 universities, including Wuhan and Hefei. A total of 2,994 students participated in the lectures.

The company created an educational video on depression to help students understand psychiatric disorders scientifically. It aims to eliminate prejudice against mental illness so that more students can understand their own mental state and help others around them. The video has continued to be widely broadcast in the Chinese media, and cumulative views from January to March 2022 numbered 134,000.

Lecture at a university in Wuhan

Scene from the educational video on depression