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Taking on the Challenge of Creating Caring Healthcare Solutions through DX

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About Frontier Business

Anticipating the advent of an era in which it will be difficult to achieve the required level of well-being through pharmaceuticals alone, Sumitomo Pharma established the Frontier Business Office in April 2019. In healthcare areas other than pharmaceutical products, such as digital therapeutics (DTx), we are working on the early launch of Frontier Business with the aim of providing new healthcare solutions to solve social issues and realize "wide-ranging well-being and diverse lifestyles" for people.
Aiming to establish Frontier Business as a growth engine during the next Mid-term Business Plan (FY2023 to FY2027), we will build a business foundation to provide solutions beyond the framework of existing pharmaceutical treatments to solve the problems of society and people by focusing on prevention from presymptomatic diseases, preventive medicine, and patient care, focusing on mental resilience* and active aging*, which have synergies with our pharmaceutical business in areas such as psychiatry & neurology, and diabetes.

* Mental resilience: The prevention of deterioration of neuropsychiatric disorders by detecting the signs at an early stage
* Active aging: Improving, maintaining and enhancing the health of the elderly by enhancing their awareness


Dedicated Frontier Business Website

Frontier Business has its own website.
There, the content of each project is explained in an easy-to-understand manner using videos, photographs, and illustrations.
The aim of this website is to promote a more concrete understanding of Frontier Business and serve as a place to discover new seeds and partners.
The information is updated from time to time, so please have a look.

●Dedicated Frontier Business Website

DX in Frontier Business

The use of DX will also be essential for new healthcare solutions other than pharmaceuticals.
DX is more than just a tool, it is one of the key drivers in the design and delivery of flexible, effective, and people-oriented solutions that accurately capture the potential challenges faced by not only patients with diseases, but also people without diseases, caregivers, family members, and healthcare professionals. For example, it will make it possible to grasp biometric information in a non-contact and non-invasive manner, and to digitize and standardize procedures and judgments that have been regarded as tacit knowledge of treatment and nursing care, and to build databases of such information. In addition, it will help strengthen and expand healthcare collaboration through remote communication and rapid information sharing.
Frontier Business will promote the introduction of innovative DX technologies and promote joint R&D projects with many partner companies to implement and commercialize healthcare solutions in society.

●Frontier Business Site News List

Frontier Business Meeting

The meeting introduces Frontier Business's vision, portfolio, and major projects.

●Click the following link for the Frontier Business Meeting (FBO Showcase) presentation material.