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Strengths Sumitomo Pharma’s Three Strengths

  • 1R&D Capabilities
  • 2Human Resources
  • 3Global Business Platforms
Small molecule Molecular design/synthesis based on accumulated experience/know-how Regenerative medicine/ cell therapy Know-how acquired by pioneering initiatives Non-pharmaceutical(Frontier) To be developed in the mental resilience area Other modalities Pursuit of optimal modalities ☓ Psychiatry & Neurology Area Oncology Area Other Areas *Womens health issues, urological diseases, diabetes, rare diseases, infectious diseases

With a focus on the Psychiatry & Neurology and Oncology as priority disease areas, Sumitomo Pharma Group (the “Group”) will contribute to the betterment of healthcare and fuller lives of people worldwide through diverse approaches, including pharmaceutical products, regenerative medicine/cell therapy, and non-pharmaceutical solutions. In other areas, too, the Group will leverage its assets to deliver value to patients. With this, the Group aims to establish itself as a Global Specialized Player by 2033.

Working Environment which Allow Employees to Work with Their Full Creativity and MotivationWorking Environment which Allow Employees to Work with Their Full Creativity and Motivation
  • Implementing Health and Safety Risk Assessments
  • Promoting Health Management
  • Supporting Mental Wellbeing
  • Preventing of Overwork
  • Operating of Consultation Desks and Hotlines
  • Providing Opportunities for Growth
  • Promoting Work Style Innovation
  • Achieving Work-Life Balance
  • Promoting Diversity and Inclusion
  • Supporting Women’s Active Participation

At Sumitomo Pharma, we have diligent and honest human resources with resilient and detailed execution and a framework to utilize individual employee’s capabilities. We build a strong corporate culture and instill professionalism in our staff through our HR management framework, which brings out the best in talents who are highly capable of achieving results based on their expertise and our research project system, which develops project leaders, as well as our company-wide learning and development program. In addition, as part of our initiatives to further strengthen our human resources, we are working to nurture a corporate culture imbued with an enterprising, promote Project CHANTO, develop leaders and DX human resources, as well as to enhance diversity and inclusion targeting active participation by a varied work force.

Sumitomo Pharma
– a company with global business platforms

Sumitomo Pharma has established strong business foundations in Japan, the United States, and China, including local HQ, sales, and R&D functions.

North America

  • A solid business operation system with an excellent management team that can always communicate closely with the Company
  • Know-hows in development and sales in the psychiatry and neurology area
  • Strong sales structure through partnering


  • Sales foundation built by MRs with high expertise in diabetes, psychiatry and neurology area, etc.


  • Track record of launching competitive in-house products in the areas of infectious diseases and psychiatry and neurology as the third pillar

In addition to the above, Japan and the U.S. have healthcare technology platforms (DrugOME and Digital Innovation) that support the improvement of the probability of success in the research and development and the business return on investment.
Sumitomo Pharma promotes collaboration with partners in Europe and other regions.

Sumitomo Pharma
Group Companies

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  • -Japan
  • -The United States
  • -Asia




Chinese mainland


  • Sumitomo Pharma Taiwan Co., Ltd.


  • Sumitomo Pharma Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.



  • Sumitomo Pharma Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.


  • The Representative Office of Sumitomo Pharma Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. In Ho Chi Minh City

Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd.



  • Osaka Head Office
  • Central Research Laboratories
  • Osaka Research Center


  • Tokyo Head Office


  • Regenerative & Cellular Medicine Kobe Center

The United States

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