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Impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake (Part 2)

Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka, Japan; President: Masayo Tada; hereinafter called "DSP") expresses its deepest sympathy for victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake and our thoughts are with those personally affected by the tragedy.

The impact of the earthquake on the DSP Group was announced on March 17. The latest update of the situation is as follows.

  1. Production and Logistic Facilities
    As announced on March 17, production facilities were not damaged. At the Tokyo Distribution Center (Kazo, Saitama), DSP's logistic hub in Eastern Japan, operations were suspended because of damage to a crane in the facility. However, from March 28 shipping from the Tokyo Distribution Center to Eastern Japan resumed and the center is close to completely operational.
  2. Marketing Activities
    Employees working at Kita-tohoku Branch, Minami-tohoku Branch, Ibaraki Branch and Kita-kanto Branch were instructed to remain on standby at home. However, they have permission to go to work and cooperate with support activities in disaster areas, provided that the top priority of their safety is secured.
  3. Impact on Business Performance
    DSP is currently assessing the impact of the earthquake and planned power outages upon its business performance and will quickly disclose pertinent information should it discover that its earnings are likely to be significantly impacted.

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