Inquiry regarding business results

How can I confirm historical financial data?

Please refer to Financial Highlights for the past 3 years

How can I confirm financial results?

Please refer to Financial Results.

Can I see the situation of the results briefing on the Internet?

We deliver the sound of presentations. Distribution period is 12 months. Please refer to Presentation/Webcast.

When is the accounting period?

It is the end of March. Financial statements is presented in quarterly. Please refer to IR Calendar for the presentation schedule.

How can I confirm the risks with the possibility to influence the business?

Please refer to Business Risks.

Inquiry regarding share

What is your securities trading code?


How can I confirm procedure of share?

Please refer to the following service.

Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited.


When is the shareholders' meeting?

It is held in late June every year.Notice of Convocation is presented in early June.

Do you have the shareholder special benefit plan?


When is the day of dividend decision?

The year-end dividend is March 31 and the interim dividend is September 30.
Regarding the dividend with the right or not, please refer to brokerage firms, etc.

When is the starting date of dividend payment?

Please refer to Memorandum for Shareholders described in Shareholders.

How can I confirm the acquisition price of share?

Please refer to the brokerage firm, etc. where you bought the share.

How can I confirm the issued share numbers and their distribution condition per holder?

We presents it on the biannual day of financial results announcement. Please refer to Shareholders regarding the current status.

Inquiries regarding research & development

What is the development pipeline?

It indicates the development products from the start of new product research to its approval and sale.

How can I confirm the current development pipeline?

Please refer to Development Pipeline.