R&D Capabilities

Psychiatry & Neurology Area

The Psychiatry & Neurology Area is a disease area with high unmet medical needs and a significant impact on healthy life expectancy. We have a rich track record and expertise in the research and development of numerous products over the years.

Number of new compounds
under development:

as of October 31, 2022

We are engaged in drug discovery using advanced technologies (in silico, biomarkers, iPS cells, etc.), on the strength of our experience with continuous product creation and our R&D know-how.
We conduct competitive drug discovery research based on our proprietary drug discovery technology platform, which we have built by incorporating cutting-edge technologies.

Oncology Area

Through our research and development activities to date, we have gained various insights, strengthened our drug discovery capabilities, and created multiple development pipelines with unique characteristics. Capitalizing on these strengths, we will continue to focus on research and development in the oncology area, which has high unmet medical needs.

Number of new compounds
under development:

as of October 31, 2022

In drug discovery, we aim to create innovative new drugs by enhancing our competitiveness through initiatives such as the development of modalities using our own novel technologies and joint research with academia. We will also strengthen collaboration between research and development and engage in translational research* to increase the probability of success.

* Translational research: Research that links research results to patient treatment in clinical development

Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy Field

This is a field with great market potential due to our ability to take advantage of the accumulated research and comprehensive capabilities built up by Sumitomo Pharma and Sumitomo Chemical over many years, and to approach the treatment of diseases that cannot be solved by existing therapeutic agents.

Number of projects:5

as of October 31, 2022

We are a top runner in the commercialization of iPS cell-derived regenerative medicine and cell therapy products with a strong network with academia and biotech companies, our own production facility "SMaRT", manufacturing know-how and other technological infrastructure.

We are working to achieve early commercialization through our open-innovation-based unique growth model, which pursues advanced industrialization and manufacturing expertise, and cutting-edge science.

For infectious diseases, we are conducting joint research with academia and other organizations to develop therapeutic agents for drug-resistant bacterial infectious diseases and vaccine adjuvants.
In the Frontier Business, to respond to future needs in the healthcare area, we will build business platform consisting of key technologies (including ICT and engineering) and external networks (including partnership with startups and venture capitals) in areas where we can create synergies with pharmaceutical business to respond to future diversified needs for healthcare.