Disclosure of Clinical Study Data

Registration of Clinical Study Information and Disclosure of Clinical Study Results and Clinical Study Data

Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd. believes that it should appropriately disclose to relevant parties, including healthcare providers, patients and researchers, information about and results of clinical studies (clinical trials) sponsored by Sumitomo Pharma, with the aim of providing greater transparency of such clinical study data and realizing the full value thereof for contributing to scientific advancement, promotion of innovation, and enhancement of public health. Based on this recognition, we consistently register information on clinical studies and appropriately disclose study results in compliance with relevant laws, regulatory requirements, and industry guidelines for each country. In addition, through defined processes using the platform for data sharing, researchers from outside of the company can access and analyze the clinical study data, which has been anonymized to protect personal information in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Registration of Clinical Study Information and Publication of Summaries of Study Results

Sumitomo Pharma registers and discloses information about clinical studies that it sponsors, and the summarized results thereof, in the following clinical trial information registration databases, which are publicly accessible.

Sumitomo Pharma believes it is important to share clinical trial results with trial participants and the public. Therefore, as part of our ongoing commitment to publicly share clinical study results, Sumitomo Pharma will develop plain language summaries for interventional clinical trials conducted in patients. A plain language summary is an overview of the main results from a clinical study. It is written in non-scientific terms so that it can be understood by most people from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences. Individual information is not shown, and individual participants cannot be identified.
These plain language summaries will be made available at www.trialsummaries.com

Publication of Clinical Study Results

Sumitomo Pharma seeks to have results from all phase 3 clinical studies and any clinical study results of significant medical importance on its sponsored studies presented and published, regardless of study or trial outcomes, at scientific meeting and in peer-reviewed journals.

Sharing Clinical Study Data with Researchers

In response to requests from researchers, Sumitomo Pharma may allow access to clinical study data provided that such requests have been reviewed and approved by an independent review panel of experts. Before patient-level data on a clinical study is provided to any researcher, such data will be anonymized to protect the personal information of participants in the clinical study concerned, in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Please click on the link below to request disclosure of anonymized clinical study data.


Please contact us if you have any inquiries relating to disclosure of clinical study information. Please note that we may not be able to respond depending on the nature of the inquiry.