Frontier Business


Aiming to realize “diverse ways of well-being” in conjunction with pharmaceuticals

The “well-being” sought by patients is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve with pharmaceuticals alone, not only in the treatment of diseases but also in prevention of diseases, nursing care, and reintegration into society. In the frontier business, we are promoting R&D and the commercialization of new healthcare solutions other than pharmaceuticals, with “mental resilience” (prevention of deterioration of neuropsychiatric disorders by early detection of their signs) and “active aging” (improvement, maintenance, and enhancement of the health of the elderly through awareness) as our main business domains.

Business Domains

Business Domains
  • *1Includes mental and pain care for cancer patients
  • *2PHR´╝ÜPersonal Health Record

Development Status of Major Programs

As of May 14, 2024

Psychiatry Neurology

Program Summary Region Development status Partnering
Digital devices for relieving BPSD Under trial sale as a general wellness product, “Aikomi Care®” and “Aikomi DS.” We are researching and developing a DTx product for tailor-made contents for stimulating five senses that digitally realize non-pharmacotherapy, and aim for the NHI reimbursement as an approved device. Japan Preparing for clinical research
(medical device)
Aikomi Ltd.
VR contents for social anxiety disorder (BVR-100) We are researching and developing a DTx product that converts modules, etc. based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) such as exposure therapy and cognitive restructuring training into VR content. Launched mental health VR contents “First ResortTM” as a general wellness product. U.S. Preparing for clinical study
(medical device)
BehaVR, Inc.
Wearable EEG meter Service for early detection of mental diseases by daily capture of the EEG profile with simple wearable EEG meter. We aim to develop a service that enables early detection of mental illness by grasping brain wave trends. Japan Product development
(medical device)
NeuroSky Co., Ltd.
Support Program for Screening of Depression/Rating of Severity This product is designed to detect depressive episodes caused by depression or bipolar disorder and help rate the severity of the disease by analyzing patients’ vital signs and activity data collected from wearable devices. We aim to develop a medical device. Japan Product development
(medical device)
Keio University,
i2medical LLC
Violet light We aim to develop neuromodulation technology via vision with violet lights flashing at 40 Hz to treat and prevent mental illness. Japan Product development
(medical device)
Tsubota Laboratory, Inc.

Motor dysfunction

Program Summary Region Development status Partnering
Neurorehabilitation device for hand/fingers paralysis Launched “MELTz®” as a medical device. We are developing Robotic neurorehabilitation device utilizing motion intention of patients with hand/fingers paralysis from electromyogram for the patients, and aim for the NHI reimbursement as an approved device. Japan Product development
(medical device)
Training device for hand/fingers paralysis Under development as "MELTz® Portable". We aim to develop a small and simple device that trains patients with hand/fingers paralysis using a robot that uses myoelectric signals. Japan Product development
(non-medical device)



Flexible, personalized solutions that go beyond medication to improve access to care, offer additional options and diminish stigmas and isolation.


Leveraging our expertise in developing medications that meaningfully enhance mental health and active aging.


Scouting for ideas, connecting the best scientific minds and collaborating on cutting-edge innovations to pioneer new frontiers in healthcare.


Redefining the relationship between pharma and total wellbeing to revolutionize supportive care through empowering and convenient choices.


Exploring and facilitating opportunities for exciting collaboration and inspiring business across the geographic border, starting from US, Japan, and China.