Information Disclosure

Appropriate Information Disclosure

Based on the recognition that transparency is vital to being a company trusted by society, Sumitomo Pharma discloses corporate information to various stakeholders in a timely, appropriate and fair manner in accordance with the in-house regulations for disclosure of information (the Disclosure Policy), which stipulate the criteria and procedures for the disclosure of information.

We promptly disclose information for which timely disclosure is required, such as determined facts, occurring facts, and account settlement-related information provided for in the Tokyo Stock Exchange's various rules concerning timely disclosure, through the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet), the notification system provided by the stock exchange, as well as on our website. We also disclose information in English.

With regard to information for which timely disclosure is not required, we actively disclose information needed for stakeholders, including shareholders, to understand Sumitomo Pharma properly through such means as press releases and our corporate website.

For our basic stance on and standards for information disclosure, please see "Stance on Information Disclosure" in Investor Relations.