Fair Marketing

Transparency in Partnerships with Transparency in Partnerships with Medical Institutions

fair marketing

The mission of an R&D-oriented pharmaceutical company is to contribute to the health of people and medical care around the world through continually researching and developing new drugs and providing a stable supply of pharmaceuticals.

In order to fulfill this mission, it is essential to collaborate with research organizations including medical institutions and universities in all stages from drug discovery to post-marketing information provision activities ensuring the proper use of pharmaceuticals.

In this circumstances, Sumitomo Pharma believes that it is critical to raise awareness and increase understanding throughout society that activities designed to improve coordination between medical institutions is undertaken in accordance with high ethical standards.

The Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (JPMA) issued its Transparency Guideline for the Relation between Corporate Activities and Medical Institutions on January 19, 2011. As a member of the JPMA, we established our own Guidelines for Transparency in Partnerships with Medical Institutions in October 2011. In accordance with these guidelines, we publicly disclose information on our corporate website on such issues as payments that we make to medical institutions and healthcare professionals.

Guidelines Concerning Transparency in Collaborations with Medical Institutions (since April 2019)

Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) has set its commitment to society as its Mission. To realize its Missions, the Company is making efforts such as sincerely executing corporate activities, proactively disclosing information, and properly managing information based on the Declaration of Conduct which explains its basic stance on corporate activities.

Our approach to promotional activities for healthcare professionals

Promotional activities for prescription drugs (hereafter, “drugs”) are important activities for providing accurate information of the drugs to healthcare professionals in an appropriate manner so that the products can be used safely and properly.

In compliance with the IFPMA Code of Practice, the JPMA Code of Practice, and Guidelines for Prescription Drug Marketing Information Provision issued by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Sumitomo Pharma has drawn up the “Rules for Marketing Information Provision” and established the “Department Responsible for Supervising Marketing Information Provision.” The Department Responsible for Supervising Marketing Information Provision supervises and provides guidance to departments that implement detailing activities, examines and approves materials, carries out monitoring as well as education and training for officers and employees, operates a complaints desk and handles complaints. As an advisory body to the Department Responsible for Supervising Marketing Information Provision, we have established the “Review and Supervisory Committee,” which is held regularly. It has an external chairperson who is completely independent of our company.

Sumitomo Pharma has drawn up internal rules for the examination of materials for use in promotional activities titled “Rules for Examination of Materials Used in Marketing Information Provision” and created an internal structure for examination and approval of such materials.

Points focused on in examination of materials

  • Accuracy, fairness and objectivity
  • Scientific rationale
  • Balance between efficacy and safety information
  • No information regarding indications, or dosage and administration not approved by regulatory authorities

The department in charge of medical science examines whether materials are accurately created based on a scientific rationale, and the department in charge of governance examines and approves materials based on whether they comply with the respective local laws and regulations, industry codes and internal policies. Sales & Marketing Division using the materials is not involved in any way in examination or approval. The use of unexamined, unapproved materials is forbidden in all departments and they conduct promotional activities in a proper manner.

In addition, Sumitomo Pharma makes efforts to conduct fair promotional activities in compliance with the Fair Competition Code Concerning Restriction on Premium Offers in Ethical Pharmaceutical Drugs Marketing Industry which is specified by the Fair Trade Council of the Ethical Pharmaceutical Drugs Marketing Industry, the IFPMA Code of Practice, and the JPMA Code of Practice.

Provide information through various channels

website for healthcare professionals

https://sumitomo-pharma.jp (in Japanese only)

We provide healthcare professionals in Japan with information that we believe is useful in their line of work via a dedicated website. The content offered includes basic product information and notices of revisions to information such as package inserts or packaging labels, FAQs, patient instruction documents, and Healthcare Experience, which highlights advanced healthcare initiatives that we hope will provide a better patient experience.

In conjunction with visits to medical institutions by MRs, we use various channels of communication to provide targeted and timely information to healthcare professionals. In addition to the provision of product information on this website, we provide live-streaming of lectures from our own studio and distribute e-mail newsletters.

online MR

Online MR®

virtual MR

Virtual MR®

In 2020, we launched a system of reserved interviews through “Online MR®” using an online conference system, and streaming of video content by “Virtual MR®,” original new characters, as new channels for communication via digital technology.