Contribution to Societies and Local Communities

Basic Stance on Contribution Activities to Societies and Local Communities

Having declared in Item 7 of our Declaration of Conduct that we should "Build harmonious relationships with society," we strive to foster a strong sense of good corporate citizen among all employees, which serves as the basic stance of our activities.
We have identified the following pivotal points as our basic thoughts on contribution activities to societies and local communities, and have created various programs to facilitate employee involvement in social contribution activities.

Basic Stance on Social Contribution Activities

  • Ensure that our employees always have an awareness that our business is dependent on public trust and credibility
  • Respect and understand diverse values and cultures nurtured in various communities and by people
  • Be aware of harmonious relationships with society and fulfill responsibilities as well as contributions as a member of society

Proactively, we look for and listen to expectations about us and requests to us, and have them reflected in our business operations and contribution activities to societies and local communities. We aim to offer solutions to problems of the society in the three categories of "Development of the Next Generation," "Donation Support," and "Social Contribution."

Basic Stance on Social Contribution Activities

Development of the Next Generation

As part of our social contribution activities, Sumitomo Pharma supports the development of the next generation by providing learning opportunities that leverage our strengths as a pharmaceutical company.

Sponsored "Oshigoto Nenkan", Career Education Book for Elementary and Junior High School Students

We have co-sponsored "Oshigoto Nenkan" published by Asahi Shimbun since 2021. Oshigoto Nenkan is a career education supplement for elementary and junior high school students and is provided free of charge to about 30,000 national, public, and private elementary schools, junior high schools, and boards of education nationwide.
We provide clear explanations of iPS cells and their utilization in medicine for a section titled "science and technology work to create the future."
For the online version of Oshigoto Nenkan , please see (in Japanese only)

the cover of Oshigoto Nenkan 2023
the contents of Oshigoto Nenkan

Oshigoto Nenkan 2023

Participated "Career Challenge Day On-line Meets": On-line Career Education for Junior High School Students

Since 2020, Sumitomo Pharma has participated in the on-line career education program "Career Challenge Day On-line Meets" provided by CAREERLINK Co., Ltd. for students nationwide who have been unable to have workplace experience due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Each on-line lesson on career education links 3 junior high schools in different regions with companies. A major feature is that half of the lesson consists of a talk by instructors and in the other half, students interview them, allowing a 2-way exchange.
Our lessons have Sumitomo Pharma young researchers as lectures who explain the company’s SDGs initiatives and their own work in the area of drug discovery research. In the interviews by students, in addition to questions about their careers, instructors also receive unexpected pointed questions such as about future issues in the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, allowing them to reflect on their own work and gain new insights.
Going forward, Sumitomo Pharma will continue to engage in activities that increase interest in science and medicine among children who will shoulder the society of the future, with the aim of fostering a next generation who will work together to create a healthy and prosperous society for people.

Career Challenge Day On-line Meets 1

Students choose company with type of work they are interested in

Career Challenge Day On-line Meets 2

Students interviewing lecturer

For further details of "Career Challenge Day On-line Meets" organized by CAREERLINK Co., Ltd., please see (in Japanese only)

Lessons Involving Comprehensive Inquiry into Life and Ethics

Since 2012, Sumitomo Pharma has been providing on-site lessons at junior and senior high schools with employees as instructors. To date, they have been given at more than 150 junior and senior high schools for over 13,000 students. Since 2020, they have been conducted according to our own program at senior high schools to have students think for themselves about issues that lie ahead in advances made in science and technology in the areas of genome analysis and heredity. The program aims to cultivate students' ability to address difficult questions about life and ethics - for which there are no correct answers - by encouraging them to develop their own views and reach their own conclusions, while accepting the different opinions of others (diversity). It can be implemented not only for biology lessons but also for integrated studies and lessons on society (contemporary society) and has received high praise from teachers at schools where it has been provided.

Sumitomo Pharma on-site lesson program

We believe that this type of initiative not only stimulates the interest of students in science and raises the quality of education in local communities but also increases trust in our company.

For more information on our on-site lessons, please see (in Japanese only)
For reports on each lesson, please see “Activity Reports.”

Comment from the Person in Charge

Person in Charge

Achieving Sumitomo Pharma’s goal of "wellbeing for all people" requires not only highly-developed medical care, mainly through pharmaceuticals, but also a society that is compassionate toward those with illnesses and disabilities. We believe that compassion in society will be nurtured by having a correct understanding of health and life, thinking deeply about this, feeling it as one's own matter and respecting others. Also, along with the practical application of regenerative medicine and advances made in other medical technologies, the importance of bioethics in education will increase. Through this program, we hope that students will think about issues that lie ahead as advances are made in science and technologies and be accepting of diverse opinions of others (diversity), thereby enhancing students’ understanding of themselves as well as others and cultivating a spirit of compassion.

Satomi Numata
CSR Group, Corporate Communications
(The divisions that the person featured in this article belonged to and the names of those divisions are current as of the time of the interview.)


Education on Medicines through the SUKOYAKA Compass on Our Website

Since fiscal 2012, Sumitomo Pharma has published SUKOYAKA Compass (in Japanese only) as a part of its website aimed at children who will be forging the future and their families.
Through SUKOYAKA Compass, there is substantial content concerning medicine, from a description of research and development of the cutting-edge medicines using iPS cells to the specific work of pharmaceutical companies, how to use medicines, how to independent research on medicines, and, as the latest topic, an explanation of vaccines for the COVID-19 virus.
To make it more approachable for children, a popular illustrator among teenagers has been chosen, and the navigator, "Scoppi," explains and answers questions about medicines.
We hope that SUKOYAKA Compass will help children develop an interest in medicines and learn the importance of understanding and using medicines correctly.

SUKOYAKA Compass Top Page

Scoppi, the SUKOYAKA Compass Navigator

Main Contents of SUKOYAKA Compass (in Japanese only)

Title Content
Monthly Karada Column Topics related to the body and health that are relevant to the daily lives of junior high and high school students
Mirai Tsukuro! SDGs Club Outline of relationships between health and the SDGs and SDG-related initiatives by junior high and high school students as well as our company
Kusuri no Komatta Kaiketsucho Useful tips for choosing over-the-counter medicines at pharmacies and drugstores and for taking medicine
Kusuri no Shigoto Zukan Overview of work at a pharmaceutical company, the work of a pharmacist, and other work related to medicine
Kusuri no Jiyu Kenkyu Guide A guide to methods of independent research on medicines and ways of organizing research
Kusuri no Chosen Introduction to cutting-edge research at Sumitomo Pharma
Kusuri no Iroha Information about medicine-related topics that are familiar yet surprisingly unknown, such as the role of medicine, its mechanisms of action, processes for producing medicines, and explanations of vaccines
Okusuri Q&A Explanation of topics like how to use medicines in a Q&A format
SUKOYAKA Activity Report Outline of our social contribution activities

For more information on educational activities for the next generation in Japan and other countries, please see “Activity Reports.”

Donation Support

Support to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

We offered the following support to help combat the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Support activities in Japan
  • Donating personal protective equipment (face shields, masks, and gowns) to local governments and organizations in Japan (including equipment produced with personal donations of more than 10 million yen from our domestic group board members, executive officers and employees)
  • Donating to Kitasato Institute's Project for COVID-19 by the Kitasato Institute, which aimed to rapidly identify treatments for COVID-19
  • Providing drug substances in response to a request from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) to cooperate for the Basic Screening Plan for Drugs for Coronavirus Disease 2019 at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Japan
  • Participating in a crowdfunding campaign related to COVID-19 launched by READYFOR, Inc.
Support activities in North America

Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (currently, Sumitomo Pharma America Inc.), our subsidiary in the U.S., has engaged in the following activities.

  • Providing a monetary donation to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) COVID-19 Response Fund
  • Donating personal protective equipment (PPE) to Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) and the Office of Emergency Management in New Jersey and donating food
  • Partnering with its food service vendor to provide food donations and financial support to several community organizations
  • Establishing a COVID-19 fund in collaboration with Innovative Medicines Canada
Support activities in China

Sumitomo Pharma (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., our subsidiary in China, donated 1 million yuan (approximately 15 million yen) to the Chinese Red Cross Foundation. The funds were earmarked for the procurement of PPE and treatment equipment to increase the safety of medical personnel providing treatments at hospitals in Wuhan, China.

Support for Organizations in Japan

In the spirit of the Company's slogan, Sumitomo Pharma are promoting social contribution activities in the hope that all patients and their families can lead healthier and more fulfilling lives

As we focus on support for patients and their families, global health and community contribution, voluntary financial contributions by our officers and employees are matched by a corresponding company donation and presented to organizations that promote such causes. In fiscal 2022, we donated to four NPOs (The Support Network for NANBYO Children of Japan, TABLE FOR TWO International, Nobel, and Florence).

Other main donations in fiscal 2022

  • Keidanren Committee on Nature Conservation
  • IRIOMOTE Foundation
  • Japan Environmental Education Forum
Contribution to local communities
  • Osaka Voluntary Action Center
  • Toyonaka City Council of Social Welfare
  • Happy Cafeteria AINOWA
Supports of educating the next generation
  • Japan institute for Drug Education
  • General incorporated association: Akaruclub
Global Health
  • Malaria No More Japan
  • People's Hope Japan
  • Japan Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Social Contribution

Providing Cocowork Vegetables to Children's Community Cafeterias

We are currently working on an initiative to supply vegetables grown by our special subsidiary, Cocowork Co. Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "Cocowork") to community children's cafeterias (in Toyonaka City and Suita City). Children's cafeterias are held for the purpose of preventing children from eating alone and creating a safe and comfortable space for them in the community; however, the reality is that many children's cafeterias struggle to secure food because they provide meals on a limited budget. For families who cannot afford to purchase vegetables due to various reasons, we wanted to support the healthy growth of their children through fresh vegetables from Cocowork, and at the same time, we wanted children who do not like vegetables to eat fresh vegetables and know their delicious taste. When children's community cafeterias are closed due to COVID-19, we supply vegetables together with food donated by local groups and companies at free distribution events. The vegetables have been very popular due to their freshness, crispness, delicious taste, and less of bitterness.
In addition, the vegetables are also used in Bento boxes provided through Toyonaka City's home-delivered meal model service for children in which Bento boxes are directly delivered to families with children in need of support. The service has led to various connections. For example, there are some cases in which, thanks to this service, children who were truants from school are now able to attend school or use welfare services. In this way, the vegetables from Cocowork have been an effective "food" aid as a means of creating these support networks.

Hydroponically Grown Cocowork Vegetables

Hydroponically Grown Cocowork Vegetables

Supplying vegetables to a community children's cafeteria (in Toyonaka City)

Supplying vegetables to a community children's cafeteria (in Toyonaka City)

Bento box made with the vegetables from Cocowork

Bento box made with the vegetables from Cocowork

Social Contribution Activities for Social Welfare Facilities

As a life science company, Sumitomo Pharma actively supports social welfare facilities and organizations through the participation of our officers and employees.
As part of patient support activities, since fiscal 2015 we have supported the production of Kiwanis dolls that comfort hospitalized children. Kiwanis dolls are plain, white, cotton-filled dolls, and are used by pediatricians to ask children about their symptoms while pointing to parts on the dolls and to explain surgery, and thus they are used to help facilitate consultations and treatments. Using the dolls when explaining their treatment reduces any fear or anxiety children may have and makes it easier for them to accept their treatment. Children can also play with the dolls by coloring them and drawing faces and clothes on them. These dolls become their "little friends" that stay by their side during their hospitalization, and we have heard that many children take the dolls home when they are discharged and cherish them. In fiscal 2023, we delivered "little friends" to hospitalized children who have a need for Kiwanis dolls.

Kiwanis dolls created by our employees

Kiwanis dolls created by our employees

Cooperating in Vaccination Support Work by Pharmacist Volunteers

From June to September 2021, we cooperated in vaccination support work carried out by the Osaka Pharmaceutical Association for COVID-19 vaccinations at the Osaka mass vaccination center. Employees who were qualified pharmacists and agreed to cooperate in support work at vaccination sites participated in this activity using the Company's volunteer leave system.

Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support

Sumitomo Pharma has prioritized earthquake reconstruction support for the area struck by the Great East Japan Earthquake in order to help the victims of the disaster, recover and reconstruct their communities as quickly as possible. On May 1, 2011, the Company established the Earthquake Disaster Reconstruction Support Office* as a dedicated organization to provide support for reconstruction, and since then it has implemented various programs to support the affected areas. Going forward, we will continue working on support activities based on the reconstruction status of the affected areas.

  • The Earthquake Disaster Reconstruction Support Office was dissolved on April 1, 2012. Sumitomo Pharma reconstruction support activities are now coordinated by the Corporate Communications Department.

Main Reconstruction Support Activities Implemented in the Past

  • Provided learning support and opened children's cafeterias for children of less fortunate families including victims of the disaster in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, provided support through donations to TEDIC, an NPO that organizes free schools for children unwilling to attend school (continuously since 2014).
  • Employees with pharmacist qualifications were dispatched to the Miyagi Prefecture Pharmacists Association to support pharmacists in their duties (77 people dispatched from April - August 2011)
  • Employees dispatched to Rikuzentakata City by volunteer bus to help with removal of debris (dispatched 144 people from June 2011 to February 2012)
  • People experienced in dealing with radiation participated in decontamination volunteer work organized by Fukushima City (28 people participated from November - December 2011)
  • Sports day support for kindergartens, elementary schools and junior high schools (fiscal 2011 - fiscal 2015: Okuma-machi, Fukushima Prefecture; fiscal 2013 - fiscal 2015: Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture)
  • Held Tohoku Produce Events (2011 - 2017: held "Marche" event at major branches to promote local produce in disaster hit areas)
  • Support for Reconstruction Support Internship project (Provided financial support for accommodation and travel expenses for students participating in the Reconstruction Support Internship project in 2013)

Environmental Conservation Activities

Given the importance of having proactive communication with the local communities in which we operate, we organize periodic cleanup and environment protection activities at our major business establishments.
For more details, please see “Biodiversity.”

Community Contribution Activities in North America

Since 2012, in Sunovion (currently, Sumitomo Pharma America Inc., "Hands On!" community service program has engaged employees in volunteer activities that contribute to building even stronger communities in the areas where they live and work. So far, employees have volunteered more than 32,900 total hours to projects supporting youth and educational programs, health and medical services and community relief initiatives.

From 2020 to 2022, the program allowed not only employees to participate, but also their families, provided that measures were taken to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Examples of activities included employees and their families donating food, clothing, books and other items to a local support facility near their homes, sending appreciation letters to military personnel, and responding to online inquiries from university students regarding employment and other issues.

Volunteer activities by employees and their families
Volunteer activities by employees in their office

Volunteer activities by employees and their families

For information on the activities of employees on International Epilepsy Day and Purple Day, please see “Activity Reports.”

International Contribution Activities

Global health is a matter of major importance to the Company. We continually support efforts of international stakeholders that strive to improve the healthcare of people around the world as well as initiatives to fight against counterfeit pharmaceuticals.

For more information on these international contribution activities, please see “Contribution to Global Health” and “Initiatives to Improve Access to Medicines,” respectively.

Support for Medical Advancements

Sumitomo Pharma provides donations to support research and human resources development in medicine, pharmaceuticals, and related fields.

Support for Establishment of Funded Laboratory

In April 2015, Sumitomo Pharma made a donation to support the establishment of the Department of Drug Discovery Medicine, a funded laboratory established by the Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University with the aim of developing human resources to undertake drug discovery in industry and academia.
For more details on the funded laboratory, please see (in Japanese only)

Support for the Japan Epilepsy Research Foundation

The Japan Epilepsy Research Foundation (JERF) was originally founded in commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the foundation of former Dainippon Pharmaceutical. The Foundation's purpose is to promote therapeutic research in the field of epilepsy and contribute to the healthcare and well-being of the general public. Subsequently, on October 1, 2010, the Foundation gained a fresh start as a public interest incorporated foundation after being authorized as qualifying for the new public interest corporation system. Operated based on contributions from Sumitomo Pharma and other donors, the Foundation provides grants and commendations, holds meetings for reporting research results as forums for announcing its grants and commendations, and publishes an annual research newsletter. In fiscal 2022, we provided 12 research grants, two overseas study grants, and one Japan Epilepsy Research Grants for Inviting Overseas Researchers to Japan. Sumitomo Pharma will continue to contribute to improvements in healthcare and welfare through its support for JERF.
For more information on the JERF's activities, please see (in Japanese only)

Research Grants

Sumitomo Pharma operates programs calling for researchers to submit research grant applications in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals and related fields.