Other Business

Frontier Business

Anticipating the advent of an era in which it will be difficult to achieve the required level of well-being through pharmaceuticals alone, we are promoting frontier business with the aim of providing new healthcare solutions other than pharmaceuticals while also utilizing digital transformation (DX) technologies. In a bid to create synergies with our pharmaceuticals business, we will focus on the areas of mental resilience (preventing deterioration of neuropsychiatric disorders by detecting the signs at an early stage) and active aging (improving, maintaining, and enhancing the health of the elderly from their state of mind). By developing our business foundations, which include core technologies (information, engineering, or otherwise) and networks (alliances, venture capital investment, etc.), we are planning to establish these emerging areas as our future growth engines during the period of the Next Mid-term Business Plan (FY2023-2027).

Food Ingredients and Chemical Product Materials

The food ingredients and chemical product materials business is handled by Sumitomo Pharma subsidiary Sumitomo Pharma Food & Chemical Co., Ltd. In the food ingredients and food additives business, the company develops and sells food ingredients and additives for use in manufacturing safe, high-quality foods. Products include polysaccharides, primarily GLYLOID® (tamarind seed gum), the first product of its kind successfully produced by the company on an industrial scale and seasonings such as soup or bouillon.
Additionally, in the chemical product materials business, which includes pharmaceutical excipients, personal care products, coatings and industrial materials, and electronic materials, the company is expanding to a wide range of customers by leveraging our unique technology and expertise, while cooperating with domestic and overseas suppliers.