Business Units

The Sumitomo Pharma Group’s core business is its Pharmaceutical Business, but the Group is also active in other business areas including Frontier Business, which seeks to provide novel healthcare solutions other than pharmaceuticals.

In order to deliver innovative and useful pharmaceuticals to people of not just Japan but the world over, we are focusing our efforts on the research and development of new drugs, and at the same time, we proactively share information on our products in order to improve customer satisfaction. We are also active in other business areas where we can leverage the advanced technology and know-how we have accumulated through our pharmaceutical business.

Sumitomo Pharma’s value chain

Sumitomo’s value chain, including R&D, production/quality control, sales/marketing, regulatory compliance & quality assurance, medical science, as well as M&A and alliance.

Value Delivered to Society

  1. 1.By continually creating solutions, primarily in the form of innovative pharmaceuticals, we contribute to improving not just the treatments received by patients but also the QOL (quality of life) of patients and their families.
  2. 2.In addition to ensuring a stable supply of high-quality pharmaceuticals, we provide healthcare professionals as well as patients and their families with appropriate information to ensure the correct understanding of the proper use of our pharmaceutical products and the diseases they are indicated for.
  3. 3.We contribute to scientific advancement and pave the way to new possibilities in preventive as well as curative healthcare, by elucidating disease mechanisms and realizing new modalities such as regenerative medicine/cell therapy, through our research and development activities.