Mid-term Business Plan 2027

This information is based on
the "Mid-term Business Plan 2027"
announced in April 2023.

For Longer and Healthier Lives
We unlock the future
with cutting-edge technology and ideas

Position we aspire to establish by 2033Mid-term Business Plan 2027

Establish position as
a Global Specialized Player (GSP)

With a focus on the Psychiatry & Neurology and Oncology disease areas,
where unmet medical needs are high, we will make the utmost of the experience and
knowledge that we have acquired so far to continue making active efforts for research and
development of pharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine/cell therapy, non-pharmaceutical solutions, and otherwise.
In other areas, too, we will tap into assets at hand and make steady R&D efforts to deliver solid value to patients.

Roadmap for achievement

Make a “qualitative transformation”
of the business structure and business practices

Achieve renewed growth from the “LATUDA Cliff” and build a foothold for becoming a GSP.

  • “Qualitatie transformation”
  • Establish a revenue base facilitating sustained growth

    Establish a revenue base facilitating sustained growth

    Priority Issue Ⅰ

    • Maximize value of the three key products (ORGOVYX®, MYFEMBREE®, GEMTESA®) early
    • Optimize management resource allocation
  • Bring own innovations to fruition

    Bring own innovations to fruition

    Priority Issue Ⅱ

    • Launch late-stage development products early
    • Develop late-stage products that will underpin the Group’s revenue in the 2030s by accelerating the late-stage development of prioritized products from early- stage development
    • Full scale launch of the Regenerative Medicine/Cell Therapy Business and the Frontier Business
  • Change to a flexible and efficient business foundation

    Change to a flexible and efficient business foundation

    Priority Issue Ⅲ, Ⅳ, Ⅴ

    • Realize integrated management for the Group by reorganizing the global business structure
    • Review the cost structure, accelerate DX
    • Further instill corporate culture, implement HR strategies

Financial Goals

Financial Goals

Establish a mid-term revenue base with the three key products and aim for renewed growth with new products (primarily existing Sumitomo Pharma owned assets).

  • Revenue (Base year: FY2023)

    CAGR 0 % or higher

  • Core operating profit

    ¥ 0 billion or higher

  • Operating cash flow

    ¥ 0 billion or higher

  • ROIC

    0 % or higher

  • ROE

    0 % or higher