Mid-term Business Plan 2027 Roadmap for achievement This information is based on the "Mid-term Business Plan 2027" announced in April 2023. This information is based on the "Mid-term Business Plan 2027" announced in April 2023.

Priority Issue Ⅰ

Strengthening Business Profitability

  • North American Business
  • Japan Business
  • China & Asia Business

Consolidated multiple NA subsidiaries, which had pursued optimization of their business in their respective areas, into a new company.

Sumitomo Pharma
America, Inc.

Sumitomo Pharma’s wholly-owned subsidiaries (indirectly held)

Total headcount
Approx. 1,700(as of July 1, 2023)
West Coast,
  • Sunovion
    Pharmaceuticals Inc.

    R&D in Psychiatry & Neurology area

    (12 pipeline products including ulotaront under development)

  • Urovant
    Sciences, Inc.


    Strengthening Business Profitability


    Establish the leading position in the β3 class agonist market to make it a blockbuster

    • *1.Urge urinary incontinence, urgency, and urinary frequency
    • *2.Commercial Unit
    • *3.OAB with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
  • Myovant
    Sciences Ltd.



    Strengthening Business Profitability


    Aiming for “Double Blockbusters” by spreading the word about advantages of oral GnRH*1 agents

    • *1.Gonadotropin releasing hormone
    • *2.Commercial Unit
  • Enzyvant
    Therapeutics, Inc.
    Spirovant Sciences, Inc.*

    Development in the rare diseases area

    (rodatristat ethyl and SP-101 under development)

  • Sumitomo Pharma
    Oncology, Inc.

    R&D in the Oncology area

    (5 pipeline products including TP-3654 under development)

  • Sumitovant
    Biopharma, Inc.

    Management of Group companies
    Owns proprietary computing and data platforms

    DrugOME / Digital Innovation

  • Sumitomo Pharma
    America Holdings, Inc.

    Shared service

  • *Managed separately by Sumitomo Pharma America, Inc. due to the characteristics of itsfocus area

Further Strengthening of Competitive Advantages in North America

Sumitomo Pharma America with the scale and capabilities to further consolidate the businessfoundation in NA.

  • NA to form one team

    Integrate corporate philosophies and cultures unique to each entity under the Sumitomo Pharma Group brand and share business objectives

  • Proprietary data utilization technology to accelerate business and R&D

    Advanced analytics teams established within the new company

    DrugOME (AI, data, and advanced computing ecosystem)
    Digital Innovation (tailor-made digital platform)

  • Lean operating structure

    Maximize value of the three key products by Biopharma CU*

    Relugolix (ORGOVYX®, MYFEMBREE®) Vibegron (GEMTESA®)

    Bringing together top talents to promote R&D
    Make the most of shared functions to realize optimized resource allocation and cost synergy

    Establish a strategy unit to realize prompt and optimized operations for the Group

    • *Commercial Unit
  • Solid Growth


    FY2023 revenue forecast


    Cost synergy

  • Expanded

    Approx. 30 clinical studies are currently underway in the Psychiatry & Neurology area, Oncology area, and Other areas

Increase adaptability to change and make attempts at new businesses.

By changing the product mix and adapting to healthcare policies Ensure business revenue in priority areas

  1. 1

    Maximize value of priority products* and new products

    • Maximize product value by leveraging strong sales/marketing base and relations
    • Launch new products and expand indications in the Psychiatry & Neurology area and Oncology area
    • Increase customer satisfaction by providing information via omni-channels, conduct evidence-based medical activities
  2. 2

    Strengthen the Regenerative Medicine/Cell Therapy Business and Frontier Business

    • Launch products for the Regenerative Medicine/Cell Therapy Business, commence/expand sales in the Frontier Business
    • Transform the business structure and enhance competitive advantages
  3. 3

    Manage business while keeping pace with change

    • Shift to an efficient structure commensurate with the business scale and product mix
    • Utilize digital technology to change behavior and increase productivity
    • Strategic in-licensing and alliances

Make continued investments in the Asia region to establish a firm profit base, while responding to changes in the business environment.

  1. 1

    Expand the product line

    • Launch lefamulin (China)
    • Expedite development of vibegron*1 (China & Asia)
  2. 2

    Maximize profit from launched products

    • Maximize profits from the MEROPEN®business (China & Asia)
    • Establish a hybrid sales system using CSO*2 (China)
    • Launch LATUDA® in more countries/regions (Malaysia, etc.)
  3. 3

    Strengthen the organizational foundation

    • Strengthen collaborations with global development/production functions (China)
    • Strengthen the corporate governance function, optimize organizational management (Asia)
  • *1.Generic name of GEMTESA®
  • *2.Contract Sales Organization

Priority IssueⅡ

Bringing Own Innovations to Fruition

Tap into expertise, strengths, and assets built up so far to boost business performance, thus realizing renewed growth over the mid-and long-term.

  1. Attempt①

    Achieve successful launches of late-stage assets

    The Company will accelerate the development of late-stage assets such as ulotaront (product code: SEP-363856) and allogeneic iPS cell-derived dopaminergic neural progenitor cells (product code: DSP-1083), and work to achieve their successful launches.

  2. Attempt②

    Select priority products from among earlystage assets and bring them to later phases

    The Company will select priority products from among early-stage assets to accelerate in-house development. At the same time, the Company will seek to maximize the value of its pipeline through adequate measures, including partnerships with external parties, and realize appropriate investment allocation.

  3. Attempt③

    Create a distinguished pipeline

    In drug discovery, the Company will forge ahead with its translational research and biomarker research and develop modality technologies to further strengthen its highly unique foundation for drug discovery. The Company will also propel data-driven drug discovery to continuously create candidate compounds that focus on clinical conditions.

  4. Attempt④

    Full-scale launch of the Regenerative Medicine/Cell Therapy Business and Frontier Business

    The Company will shift the Regenerative Medicine/Cell Therapy Business and Frontier Business into full gear to make them pillars of its earnings during the next Mid-term Business Plan period beginning from FY2028.

  5. Attempt⑤

    Initiatives in the infectious diseases area

    The Company will promote research and development of drugs to treat antimicrobial resistant bacterial infections and vaccines through partnerships with outside institutions, thus contributing to global health.

Ensure that these initiatives come to fruition and begin boosting business performance

Priority Issue Ⅲ

Strengthening Group Governance

Aim to achieve both integrated management of the Group and prompt response to local needs.

  1. Improve speed and quality in global collaboration among functional organizations

    Gather information efficiently
    and objectively
    Speedy performance by local members

  2. Establish a cross-business/area and prompt decision-making system

    Decisions optimal for the Group
    Timely decision-making

Priority Issue Ⅳ

Accelerating DX

By implementing a data-driven decision-making process, all value chains will make continued efforts to innovate operations and create value.

  • A data-driven organization that
    propels itself autonomously

    Digital data is used as
    a matter of fact

  • Optimal use of in-house technology acquired through strategic investment

    (DrugOME / Digital Innovation)

  • Corporate Departments orchestrate DX of the Group

    (GDD*1 / IDT*2 / AACTR*3

    *1. Global Data Design Office,
    *2. IT Management & Digital Transformation,
    *3. Advanced Analytics
    Computational Technology & Research

  • Introduce advanced technologies and techniques

    (web3.0, metaverse, quantum computers, etc.)

Priority Issue Ⅴ

Instilling Corporate Culture and Implementing HR Strategies

Promote integrated management of the Group through the instillation of globally-shared philosophies.
Realize growth of individuals and business by HR strategies that work in tandem with management strategies and continuously deliver value to society.

  • Instilling Corporate Culture
  • Working in Tandem with
    Management Strategies

Sumitomo Pharma Group’s Philosophy

  • Mission

    To broadly contribute to society through value creation based on innovative research and
    development activities for the betterment of healthcare and fuller lives of people worldwide

  • Values

    Patient First
    Always with Integrity
    One Diverse Team

  • Declaration of Conduct

    1. 1.Follow through on our Slogan "Innovation today, healthier tomorrows."
    2. 2.Pursue trustworthy corporate activities.
    3. 3.Transparently disclose and properly manage information.
    4. 4.Improve individual capabilities and collaborate with peers.
    5. 5.Respect human rights.
    6. 6.Positively address global environmental issues.
    7. 7.Build harmonious relationships with society.
  • Mid-/Long-Term Corporate Strategies