Basic Environmental Policies

Sumitomo Pharma recognizes responsibility for the environmental impact through our business activities and strive to reduce negative environmental impact in all aspects of our business operation.
The Basic Environmental Policies, established in fiscal 2005 and revised in fiscal 2021, express our objectives and initiatives to realize and have served as a pillar for promoting all our environmental activities since they were established.
Under the Basic Environmental Policies, we have formulated Mid-term Environmental Goals that specifies issues of special importance and objectives. In addition, we have formulated Mid-term Environmental Plans and Annual Implementation Plans. This way, we ensure that our environmental activities are systematic and effective.

Basic Environmental Policies

With awareness that the global environment is now facing a serious crisis, Sumitomo Pharma will make concerted efforts to preserve the environment and help create a recycling-oriented society through all its corporate activities as a company with a mission to contribute to the betterment of healthcare and fuller lives of people, thereby contributing to realizing a sustainable society.

  1. Engage in business activities with a low environmental impact through efforts toward resource saving, energy saving, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste reduction, etc.
  2. Strive to develop products and technologies with minimal environmental impact at all stages of lifecycles (procurement, manufacturing, marketing, logistics, usage, disposal, transportation).
  3. In addition to operating environmental management systems and complying with environment-related laws and regulations, establish voluntary management standards for preventing environmental pollution.
  4. Have all employees participate in environmental conservation initiatives through educational and awareness-raising activities.
  5. Urge suppliers and other business partners to help environmental conservation.
  6. Carry out environmental due diligence for all business activities (Including corporate merger and acquisition transactions).
  7. Proactively disclose environmental information and engage in dialogue with stakeholders.

For more information on mid-to long-term environmental goals, please see "Environmental Goals and Performance."

For more information on environmental protection and considerations on CSR-Based Procurement, please see "CSR-Based Procurement."