Business Model ― Value Creation Process

In putting our Philosophy into practice, Sumitomo Pharma aims to solve Material Issues including “Development of innovative products and healthcare solutions” through business activities that leverage our three strengths (R&D, human resources, and global platform) based on our six types of capital, with the goal of continuously increasing our corporate value and establishing ourselves as a Global Specialized Player.

Value Creation Process

For more information on Material Issues, please see "Material Issues."

Stakeholder Engagement

We, as a good corporate citizen, need to have a very wide perspective in order to address the multiple issues our modern society faces. Accordingly, we place a special importance on engaging in active dialogs with all of our stakeholders including patients and their families, healthcare professionals, local communities, collaboration partners, employees, shareholders and investors, and business partners, so that we can correctly capture expectations and requests by society.

Stakeholder Engagement