Together with Patients

Sumitomo Pharma Group conducts the business activities driven by its Mission "To broadly contribute to society through value creation based on innovative research and development activities for the betterment of healthcare and fuller lives of people worldwide."

In July 2023, we restructured our existing framework of philosophy and established a unified Philosophy for the entire Sumitomo Pharma Group, including Values that all executives and employees should share. One of our Values is "Patient First," which emphasizes the significance of prioritizing the diverse well-being of patients above all else.

Values (values that all executives and employees should share)
Values What we value
Patient First We value above all the health of the patients we serve today and in the future.
Always with Integrity We always approach our work with uncompromising sincerity, honesty and dignity.
One Diverse Team We respect each other's individuality and value our combined strength as “One Team” with diversity.

For more information on the Group's Philosophy, please see “Philosophy.”

Sumitomo Pharma Group considers that a patient-first approach is important for new value creation such as development of innovative products and healthcare solutions.

We will contribute to the realization of healthier and fuller lives of patients. We will achieve this not only by creating new value, but also by actively working to provide high-quality information that meets the need of patients, and to further improve the society’s disease literacy through awareness-raising and patient advocacy.

For more information on our activities for disease awareness-raising and patient advocacy, please see “Patient Support and Advocacy.”