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  • Can you briefly describe Corporate Governance at Sumitomo Pharma?


    For details of our Corporate Governance, please refer to: "Corporate Governance"

    For details of the composition of our board of directors, please refer to: "Board Members and Executive Officers"

  • How can I check the Sumitomo Pharma Group’s key locations?


    For details of our key locations, please refer to: "Key Locations / Subsidiaries"

  • What is Sumitomo Pharma’s security code?


    Sumitomo Pharma’s security code is 4506 (TSE Prime).

  • When was Sumitomo Pharma established?


    Sumitomo Pharma was established on May 14, 1897.
    For our history, please refer to: “Corporate History”

  • Can you explain your relationship with Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.?


    Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. is our parent company that owns 51.76% of our outstanding shares (as of September 30, 2023, excluding treasury shares).

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