Human Rights

Basic Policy for Human Rights

We uphold respecting human rights as one of the Material Issues that contribute to building a sustainable society as well as the sustained growth of the Sumitomo Pharma Group. In the "Declaration of Conduct: Item 5. Respect Human Rights," we clearly support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Core Labour Standards and, in conformance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, articulates our commitment to complying with laws pertaining to labor and employment in our countries and regions of business.

As for measures that concern respecting human rights, in the "Compliance Standard: Item 25. Respect for Human Rights, Prohibition of Discrimination and Harassing Behavior, and Prohibition of Harassment", we clearly reject any discrimination or harassment based on race, nationality, ethnic or social origin, ancestry, ethnicity, age, religion, faith or belief, sex and gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, academic background, disability, disease, employment status, or any other status.

To prevent and mitigate the human rights risks throughout Sumitomo Pharma Group's business activities, a resolution was passed by the Board of Directors that led to the SMP Group Human Rights Policy. The policy was established and put into force on March 1, 2022, and serves as high-level guidelines for all documents and rules pertaining to efforts aimed at respecting human rights throughout the Group.

For all those involved with the Group, including our suppliers and other business partners, we will continue to ask for their understanding and support of this policy, encourage a respect for human rights, show a respect for human rights throughout all value chain, and do business in a way that contributes to greater social sustainability.

Respecting Human Rights Promotion System

On September 1, 2022, we established and endorsed the Rules for Promotion of Respecting Human Rights, which stipulates systems and procedures for each department to appropriately promote respect for human rights. Efforts for respecting human rights are shared with the compliance promotion system and the risk management promotion system, and reported to the Board of Directors on a regular basis (at least once a year) for supervision.

In accordance with the Rules for Promotion of Respecting Human Rights, we have set up a secretariat, which is headed by the Executive Officer in charge of promotion of respecting human rights, at the Corporate Governance Department, and have established a system that promotes respect for human rights in each department, including conducting due diligence. The secretariat assists our departments in their efforts to respect human rights as well as monitors the Group's activities to promote respect for human rights, providing guidance and advice.

Under this system, we have started the assessment of the Group's human rights risks in fiscal 2022 with the assistance of independent consultants as part of our human rights due diligence.

  • A series of processes for assessing adverse impacts on human rights, responding to survey results, conducting follow-up surveys, and disseminating information about response methods.

To ensure that such systems and efforts to promote respect for human rights are fully understood within the organization, we conducted e-learning training for all employees in December 2022, around the time of Human Rights Week. In addition, we also conducted training in business and human rights, including domestic and overseas trends related to this issue. We will continuously conduct such human rights training on a regular basis (at least once a year).

Respecting Human Rights Promotion System Chart
Respecting Human Rights Promotion System

Consultation and Reporting on Human Rights Issues

Sumitomo Pharma has established a Compliance Hotline that is available not only to officers and employees of our Group companies, but also to family members, business partners, and all other persons who are involved in any way in the business of our Group companies to consult or report any adverse impacts or concerns regarding human rights. If you would like to use the Compliance Hotline, please see "Inquiries about Privacy Practices and Compliance."

Initiatives to Prevent Harassment

Sexual harassment and power harassment in the workplace, as actions that hurt the dignity of individuals, are important issues related to the infringement of human rights. Sumitomo Pharma has a clearly stated anti-harassment policy in its employment regulations, which specifies that violations of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action.
In our in-house training, we provide education on the relationship between our business activities and human rights, deepening the understanding that each individual employee has about human rights. In our new employee training, we aim to foster awareness that respect for human rights as a company engaged in drug research and development, manufacture and sales. Moreover, we thoroughly ensure that employees acquire proper knowledge and raise awareness of preventing harassment through grade-specific training and training for managers.

In fiscal 2022, we gave all employees e-learning training to help them understand various forms of harassment, how to deal with them, and unconscious bias. In fiscal 2023, we are focusing on harassment prevention as the common theme for internal compliance education and providing training on preventing sexual and power harassment.

consultation desks

We operate consultation desks and hotlines to ensure a workplace environment in which every employee is able to concentrate on his/her work with a sense of security. Our consultation services are equipped with a duty of confidentiality, and protect the consulters' privacy. We also take measures to provide a safe and comfortable environment for consultations, protecting the consulters from any disadvantageous treatment such as retaliation or harassment.
We have designated personnel in charge of consultation services at our main business sites, including our head offices, creating an organization that can respond promptly and considerately to complaints and inquiries. The entire company is committed to preventing any harassment.

For more information on consultation desks, please see “Health, Safety, and Welfare of Employees."

Relationship with the Workers Union

Sumitomo Pharma Workers Union comprises employees from the Sumitomo Pharma. As regular workers-management consultation bodies, the Workers Union and the company proactively exchange opinions based on each perspective on human capital management and workplace health and safety.

Other Human Rights